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Featured Artists

Akangbe Ogun Family of Woodcarving Artists



The Akangbe Ogun’s come from a long line of Yoruba woodcarvers in the Osogbo area of Osun State, Nigeria. In the Yoruba culture we are called Arelagbayi, which is similar to a guild or group of ancestral woodcarvers. This is handed down from family member to family member, with each son or daughter learning their craft from the hands and mouths of our revered parents and ancestors in the spiritual realms. Their Yoruba ancestors have walked for centuries in the forests of Osogbo in Osun State, Nigeria, searching for the wood which speaks to us, that will become a religious object for use in our traditions and rituals.

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Kalasi Abiodun


Well trained wood carver, He has been carving for a very long time. He also specializes in carving on door panels, windows, house poles etc. He has artworks for sale in the shopping section of this website. Email:

Akinyosola Ifayeni Akangbe Ogun

Akinyosola Ifayeni, student, woodcarver & Babalawo. Masteing in carvings of all Orisa & Opon.

Student, Babalawo, & woodcarver mastering in sculpting all Orisa & Opon Ifa.  He has for sale in the shopping section of this website.

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Akangbe Ogun Family Artworks

Learning from his father Master Wood Carver Kasali Akangbe he was able to learn the art of Woodcarvi

 Learning from their father Master Wood Carver Kasali Akangbe they were able to learn the art of Woodcarving which later was the foundation of their contemporary style of traditional art works that have been sold worldwide. The Akangbe Ogun Family has had the rare opportunity as a distinguished  artisans to assist in the architectural design and cultural landscaping of one of the world’s most prestigious World Heritage sites the Osun Osogbo Grove.
Their family’s artistic trademark features are unique to the expression and spiritual worldviews of their tribal clan and represent the variable totems of the Yoruba spiritual pantheon which is a very intricate part of the families experience and their cultural ties to the Diaspora. 

Oyeniyi Oyebanji Sango


Oyeniyi Oyebanji Sango is the world renowned artist behind this piece. Devoting his life creatively expressing Yoruba Traditional Culture through his artworks. Artists such as Lauryn Hill have requested numerous custom designs. He has works on display in dofferent galleries throughout the USA and Africa. 

Lucky Isaiah


Nigerian born artist. He has shown his works in several exhibitions in Nigeria and abroad. He worked briefly with the Niger State Ministry of Arts & Culture in 2009.

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Bring African Beauty inside your home

Allow me to accent your home and liven up office space with beautiful colors and artworks that represent African culture.


Meditate with comfort

We have meditation pillows with the 7 chakra crystals to assist in getting your Kundalini energy awakened.

Ankara Head Wrap

Wrap your crown in style

Turn heads with the many colors and patterned  head wraps made with Ankara fabric imported from Africa.

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Tired of boring colors?

Send me a picture of your furniture and wall coloring and I will custom make Afrocentric throw pillows, place mats, table runners, and or lamp shades for you.


Is there a fee to custom match colors to my home decor?

Yes, there is a $20 fee due upon color consultation. If an order is placed it is deducted from the final bill. 

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